Espresso Coffee Makers

I am  a coffee addict and I really am into two kinds of coffee and I think anything other than that is just not coffee (that’s my opinion).

Espresso is a type of coffee that really gives you the true flavour of the coffee since it is so pure and so dense by the way it is prepared. However, the kind of bean also plays a big role. Starbucks are one of the best but if you like something good and try to save some money then the Cafe Bustelo Ground Espresso Coffee can be found in

You will need a good reliable coffee maker for a good espresso or late to make at home. Those machines for some reasons cost a lot if you try to get a professional or semi-professional one. However, I my self have a long time experience with the DeLonghi EC155 it does the job for 1 to 2 late per day with out any trouble. 

So, what do you think ?