Do we really need that many Programming Languages?

I think from the day I started learning to code (age 10 i guess) and then studying Computer Science until this day there were so many programming languages came to live. We were so naive thinking that all what we need to learn is C++ or Java with some SQL and that’s it. Then we had to learn VB and then they said now its gonna be VB.NET and ASP.NET with a new thing called C# and the list just goes on.

Do we really need these many languages?

These days what even makes it worse that within the same languages there are different versions that you can’t even compile. Swift 2 and 4 are different within the iOS development. Its just like people just started to become proficient in a language and then they just need to learn some thing new because the guys in the Silicon Valley thought they needed to add new stuff or change the way things were programmed before. Java in my opinion added libraries which did not affect the language but were like been steroids injected in it making it more heavy weight !

Just came to know Google launched something called Flutter by Dart for cross platform mobile development! come on… give me a break!

So, what do you think ?